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The problems with accepting change

This is a short one. Working with strategic projects most of the time means convincing people to change and then dealing with resistance to that change. Once a time I came upon a graph that showed the relationship between loyalty to brand and the evaluation of changes made to the brand. Read more

How to conduct actionable consumer research

Around 80 % of the research that reaches my hands has a tiny problem – there’s is nothing to do with it. It is interesting, sometimes even exciting (and most of the time pretty awfully looking – that’s another thingy). And yet it misses one point. Read more


Recently I’ve been listening to James Victore (a graphic artist and typographer) and he spelled out and interesting idea. He referred to traditional branding as stamp – stamp – stamp kind of branding, where you would always find the same mark upon every object. Read more

Fundamentals of storytelling

I’ve been doing some browsing through the countless storytelling presentations on slideshare when it dawned on me that most of them really miss the essential understanding of what makes a story a story. So I tried to dig back to what I learned in narratology, semiotics and culture studies to try and boil it down to some simplified notions that shed light on how stories work. Read more

Branding Detective!

This all started with a simple PR message in VZ.LT business news outlet that has reported in an understated way that LIETUVOS DRAUDIMAS (a leading insurance brand in Lithuania) has had a visual facelift. You can read it here. Well, everything seemed ok till the very moment I paid attention to the actual changes: Read more

The Evolution of a Brand Guide

When we are talking about branding guides, the first thing that comes to mind is the horrid logo usage rule-books that tell you exactly how much white space you need to leave around the logo. That’s definitely helpful, most would argue, but surely not in the “branding” kind of way. These kinds of guides are sometimes supplemented by more progressive visual guidelines telling you that this kind of photo goes with that kind of font and with that kind of Instagram filter.

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communication field and its problems never cease to amaze me - the truly brilliant thing is that there are no final answers. I don't understand anything, but I guess nobody does (there just a moderate degree of success in pretending that they do). If you have challenges, questions, topics, themes or projects - contact me and maybe we can crack them together. Andrius