everything pooled from semiosearch by Andrius Grigorjevas

Here you will find different pieces and bits concerning storytelling and related matters that I have covered in SEMIOSEARCH over a period of time.

presentation resources

Business storytelling mostly resolves around presentations: here you will find the starting kit to get properly rolling with your presentations and content. (read more)

story basics1

There are a couple of pretty basic concepts that you should grasp before exercising your growing storytelling ambitions. This should bet you on the road. (read more)

authentic story

Not so many stories succeed in being not only engaging, but authentic as well. Let’s take a look what makes (or breaks)  an authentic story. (read more)

great storytelling

GENERAL ELECTRIC has managed to create stories that combine so much in them. This is a closer look at how they succeeded at that. (read more)

product stories

We mostly talk about brand storytelling, but products can succeed here as well. Let’s take a look at some of the best product storytelling cases. (read more)

control the story

When creating stories for the digital landscape, we always have to think about how much control we are going to give to the user. Here’s a piece on that. (read more)



Storytelling can be found anywhere – it is only up to us whether we are going to call it storytelling or something else.

Open corporate letters could appear to be a massively boring thing, but when it concerns a company of that size, everything becomes interesting.

Let’s take a look at what kind of narrative Larry Page weaved in his letter regarding Google restructuring. I can surely promise a few narrative twists ahead.

Mind the structure and read more


This wouldn’t be that much of a resource pool, if I wouldn’t have presentations in here. Below there two condensed walkthroughs regarding the essentials of storytelling.


communication field and its problems never cease to amaze me - the truly brilliant thing is that there are no final answers. I don't understand anything, but I guess nobody does (there just a moderate degree of success in pretending that they do). If you have challenges, questions, topics, themes or projects - contact me and maybe we can crack them together. Andrius