2015-04-21 Andrius Grigorjevas

The problems with accepting change

This is a short one. Working with strategic projects most of the time means convincing people to change and then dealing with resistance to that change. Once a time I came upon a graph that showed the relationship between loyalty to brand and the evaluation of changes made to the brand.

Basically, the conclusions were very simple: the more you feel loyal to something, the less you want to see that thing changed.


This sounds like a common sense, but this tiny graph helps me to convince people to give something a more intrinsic evaluation and look into their relationship with the thing and how that possibly affects the attitude towards change.

And the last but the very important thing is to think about yourself and things you hold as being right, valid and useful and look at the same graph again. Applying it oneself is just as important as using it as a meeting room weapon

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