2015-04-17 Andrius Grigorjevas

How to conduct actionable consumer research

Around 80 % of the research that reaches my hands has a tiny problem – there’s is nothing to do with it. It is interesting, sometimes even exciting (and most of the time pretty awfully looking – that’s another thingy). And yet it misses one point.

It’s not actionable. And that means it is not designed to deliver business value or make meaningful changes. It usually ends up like this – yep, now I know it and can’t do anything with it.

Most of such kind of research end up in filing cabinets or in front of shareholders who understand very little of what’s really happening out there. But does it drive action and change?


Research should empower us to make change within organization or business and if we fail do to that – what good did it make in the first place

Of course, I have contributed to the tradition as well, but lately I have been trying stay clear of any time of research that is of general nature with broadly defined objectives.

This is a short guide I compiled for you to check which path you are on:

how to conduct research

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