2015-04-15 Andrius Grigorjevas


Recently I’ve been listening to James Victore (a graphic artist and typographer) and he spelled out and interesting idea. He referred to traditional branding as stamp – stamp – stamp kind of branding, where you would always find the same mark upon every object.

Actually, etymologically a brand is a mark you leave with a hot rod on an animal’s side to denote it’s owner. Pretty brutal word some would say.

But it’s not the only way. There is also a brand as a combination of elements, a brand as a feeling, a brand as a set of meanings – all of these can be communicated without the explicit marking with a repetitive sign. So that kind of branding shouldn’t need the word brand with all it’s negative connotations at all. Here we should use a different term.

Let’s get away from the word brand and use mark instead, something that is not as assaulting and not throwing meaning at us, but inviting to discover it

And since it is the whole that should communicate to use – let’s add a word fluid.


Does it make any sense in the present marketing world? I don’t know, but I promise to be openly looking for examples!

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