2015-03-03 Andrius Grigorjevas

Branding Detective!

This all started with a simple PR message in VZ.LT business news outlet that has reported in an understated way that LIETUVOS DRAUDIMAS (a leading insurance brand in Lithuania) has had a visual facelift. You can read it here. Well, everything seemed ok till the very moment I paid attention to the actual changes:



My first thoughts were about the usual strategic babble:

I believe that logo being at the center of all visual communication should act as the tone-setter of the rest of visual brand assets and that means its meaning and recognition patterns should extend beyond itself

So initially I thought, there isn’t much of a center to talk about – what the present logo points to is an absolute lack of character and definition. But then I found it quite difficult to remember how the old looked like. Here’s the comparison:


And ok, the cogwheel thingy in the old-logo looked odd and unremarkable. But the newest reiteration followed the simplicity trend so deep down the rabbit’s hole that to say that it could possible signify reliability, enveloping arms and similar things – that’s quite a stretch even for me.

But then it struck me – where did I see those two shields before:


And here’s this wheel, straight from the brandbook:


So, how does this work again? PZU buys RSA group, sells PZU and then burns PZU identity mark on LIETUVOS DRAUDIMAS logo? A parting gift? A nice nudge-nudge wink-wink memorabilia?

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