2014-10-14 Andrius Grigorjevas

Bring the sexy back…to your local pharmacy

If you ever thought that pharmacy and sexual overtones don’t go together – you’re wrong again. The brief must have had this particular consumer insight – “women from 20 to 50 often fantasize about having sexual type of relations with their male pharmacists, who embody confident wickedness and everlasting charm”. It also states “based on proprietary research”.

Subliminal advertising in the open: let’s start with the one that is the least provocative and then let’s turn the heat bit by bit.

1st – it’s all about the quality, but that stare and the passing reference to”we” in “we both know”, gives us a hint that something else might be going on

eurovaistinė 1

2nd – this one is definitely about some weird and twisted 50 shades_of_grey type of relationship in a manner “i like it when you’re playing rough”.

eurovaistinė 2

3rd – nothing seems to sound right with that wicked face – the face that’s smiling with a crooked smile and promising to keep secrets at the same time


4th – “We’ll solve everything quietly” and THAT look just don’t add up to a normal conversation between the customer and a “doctor” or whatever that is


It’s like the reverse of the sexy nurse archetype. Drugs’n’dildos this time.

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