2016-01-05 Andrius Grigorjevas


This starts a series on trend idea sparks for the new year – the first one is a counter-trend. Read a short overview on what and how. 


With so much happening around us every minute, joy of missing out is becoming just as prominent as fear of missing out was before that. We suffer from information gluttony, social media buzz and invitations to participate (both physically and virtually). In our workplaces the learning trend leads to constant over-learning.


Not doing anything is becoming as important concept and doing everything and being part of everything. Instead of thinking that by not participating somewhere we are losing something precious, we start thinking the exact opposite – we are avoiding something that might totally suck. This trend is closely related to peak performance trend and if it is not exactly a counter-trend, then at least is a complimentary one.


Instead of inviting consumers participate in a growing number of initiatives brands could do the exact opposite – invite to opt-out. They could also help declutter people’s lives from events and “being part of” hype. Brand is no longer something that opens the outside world, but rather shields us from it.

opt-out movement

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