2015-12-31 Andrius Grigorjevas

Best Things in My Year

A collection of things that I picked up throughout the 2015. Seventeen it total. Have fun

1. Best Movie of the Year

movie of the year

Sorry Interstellar, What We Do In the Shadows was far more scientifically proven in its claims and narrative twists.

2. Best TV Series of the Year

tv series

We are definitely living in the Renaissance of TV series. Most of them were really good, none send me on a watching marathon as much as Peaky Blinders. Soundtrack helped as well.

3. Best Anime of the Year

anime of the year

I was torn between Attack on Titan (which aired back in 2013) and One-Punch Man, but One-Punch Man is a true superhero and a wonderful concept.

4. Game of the Year

game of the year

With Fallout 4 being the disappointment that it is, this goes to the best game I have ever played – Witcher 3. Every newsletter I haven’t written was because of it.

5. Best Comic Series of the Year

comics of the year

Trees (by Warren Ellis and Jason Howard). Trees from outer space. Win win. Buy here.

6. Live Gig of the Year

live gig of the year
It is unfair for me to be highlighting this as I haven’t been to that many gigs, but at least I went to the good ones.The best of the few:

7. Best Music Video of the Year

music video of the year

Meta-textual video about videos. And the song has this old-school catchy-ness.

8. Live Performance Video of the Year

best live video

Blanck Mass have proven to be a more accessible version of FUCK BUTTONS and this show only proves its potential.

9. Album of the Year

album of the year

Well, this one a hard choice. My favorite of the year is undoubtedly Shining (Nor) new stadium soundtrack International Blackjazz Society (but it doesn’t mean I played it most often)

10. Best Photo Series

best photo series

Fell in love with these futuristic and manipulated Tokyo sceneries and the accompanying text was wonderful as well. Watch it all here or watch animated version and read it here.

11. Best Book I Read This Year

book of the year

I have to admit, I haven’t read anything that was published in 2015. But there is one that was in 2013. And it is one of those rare books that present a new way of thinking instead of just boasting that they do. Uncommon sense, common nonsense by Jules Goddard and Tony Eccles. A fresh perspective on strategic thinking.

12. Best Brand-related Joke

best brand related joke

Futurelabs are predicting the 2016 to be about anti-authenticity. So it means there are more where these come from. Yummy.

Whatever you call hipster – that is the essence of it.

13. Best Website Design of the Year

best website design

2014 was the AQUATILIS year, this time around I think SUBARU has ruled the web with its SCR project. But if you let me pick, I think I would still go with AQUATILIS (we haven’t improved that much this year).

Check it out here.

14. Best Ad of the Year

Ad of the Year

No, it’s not those Christmas ads. But I fell in love with this home insurance ad. Since it’s John Lewis, it’s close anyways.

15. Best Logo of the Year

best logo of the year

This is what happens when you give architects to design logos. More of that please.

More on the project here.

16.Most Useful Platform

most useful platform

If you are looking for articulated ideas, MEDIUM has been one of the few places for that this year.


17. App of the Year

app of the year

Memory freaks me out – we have so much little control and what and how much we remember of certain things. Journey for Android helps me keep track of places and things around. Just the details, but those are easiest to forget.



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