2015-08-13 Andrius Grigorjevas

Personalized creativity: pushing the limits in OOH advertising

Just recently I wrote about the possibilities of personalized content. You can find my original post here. It took me just one day to stumble upon more exciting examples (not just abstract ramblings) on how advertising content can be personalized. Here are three fresh and semi-fresh examples of personalization in out of home advertising.


A/B testing and advertising pre-testing is so yesterday. What if you put up your ad and it would test itself and evolve based on the passerby reactions attention and emotion. THere are 1000 pieces for that evolution.

This is what M&C Saatchi say abou their invention:

“This innovation is breaking new ground in the industry because it’s the first time a poster has been let loose to entirely write itself, based on what works, rather than just what a person thinks may work.”



Comparing, to the previous evolving poster, this one even looks too simplistic. It basically picks the right option for the right weather condition. The variables include time, rain and temperature.


There is the right reaction and there is no reaction. That’s the billboard that rewards you for the right reaction – yawn and you will get a cup of coffee. No data, no logarithm. Boring, I guess. (and I still wondering did those girls with coffee cups work there all the time or just for the filming)



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