2015-07-28 Andrius Grigorjevas

Making a business presentation: resource list

I won’t sugar-coat it: working on a good presentation takes loads of time. The good news is that the more you work on them, the more exciting stuff you can create in shorter periods. One of the things that could help you to have a more successful start is to know the resources that can help you and more importantly where to find them.

The three most important areas are: typography, colors, images and icons. There are dozens of resources out there, so I’m just posting the ones that I personally use and find useful.


Typography is the key – it’s the only thing that is truly needed in a presentation. Chose the fonts that help you express your ideas, master them and go ahead with presentation making.

-font resources

Of course the ultimate to go source is fontsquirrel:


-web inspiration

Another perfect typography inspiration site is typewolf. A daily inspiration on interesting typographic solutions found on the web and very good summaries about font usage and popular fonts. A must have:


-combining fonts

Combining fonts can bring most frustration and satisfaction while working on presentation design. The two pages give you ideas how you can work with Google font combinations:




And there’s the small font combination app that works more like a lottery, but every now and then some decent references come up:



Don’t overlook colors. And gradients (thanks Apple for reviving the 80’s). Colors can have a great emotional impact, so choose them wisely.

-color combinations

The most sensitive topics of all – color theory. Don’t worry no need to learn that. Adobe comes to help:


-flat ui colors

Want to be fashionable? Then flat ux colors are just right for you. Take your pick:



If you are stuck with the colour pallet, then the color scheme of the day comes in:

Well, if you still don’t know what to pick – use grays.


Stock photos became such a widespread phenomenon and we didn’t have to wait long for the free stock sites to start popping around. I used to overuse images earlier on, right know I am really into just selecting a few things I need and tinkering with them.

The two my most popular stock photo collections are at:

https://unsplash.com/ and https://stocksnap.io/

Even though the page is not updated frequently, I greatly enjoy the nature pattern collected over at superfamous:


If you need more quirky photos, you can find them in gratisography:



Icon is the new presentation language. In some cases they even make other images, photos and pictures seem superficial and redundant.

Just remember: you have to think how to match icons to the presentation at hand. That involves thinking of the overall style of the icons (they have form a consistent view), how those icons compliment the fonts you have chosen and finally, how the icons match the color scheme of your presentation (remember to tinker with transparency as well).

For that, there is the Adobe Monster Suite with Illustrator at the front (which I use), but there are some free alternative, like the most noticeable Inkscape, which is free to use:


My all time favorite is nounproject. The good thing about it is that you can find a number of icons that conform to the same style?


There are other choices as well. O more disorganized version of nounproject:



All these resources don’t even scratch the surface. If you want to start digging for yourself, here are the open waters:

One extensive list is over at medium:


The other one is an entire site dedicated to free resources on the web:

Amazing, isn’t it?


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