2015-07-08 Andrius Grigorjevas


Here comes the new era – we move from programmatic ad-buying to something much more threatening and worry-some. Yes, programmatic, routinely generated branding.

Just enter your company name, answer a few questions, pick a few choices and you will have a brand with all the identity elements.

logo design

If you thought, that these are only the first steps in this technological and cold branding trend, you are gravely mistaken. It seems that there are dozens of these apps – it has spread while you were creating your next best logo. Here’s another one that looks and feels (and most probably generates branding) in the same way as the first example:


And there are quite a few of them (you can find more here)

Are we ready for the TERMINATOR future? Can you keep up with the digital-branding intelligence algorithms? Let’s wait for the programmatic awards to appear.



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