2014-05-24 Andrius Grigorjevas


This is a short overview of some interesting and sometimes useful shit happening around. Organized in advertising, brands and design


First one – the return on Social media. Ad Contrarian has always been hostile towards the social crowd, but this time around Bob Hoffman has proof to back it up. And he backs it up nicely. Facebook and tweeter seem to be impotent in terms of customer-acquisition. This evidently doesn’t spell much trouble for the social giants with revenue from advertising picking a steady pace. Everyone else though has to set social media goals more carefully next time, ’cause “what about the sales” question always comes up despite all the branding and CLV talks.

You can read about it here

social media chart

not even close

Another thing is about simplicity. McDonald’s has done it before and now it’s doing it again. Coca-cola, i think, is the only other brand who can play this game in par with the fast food king. This time around McDonald’s is pushing the envelope even further by turning the iconic meals into mobile phone icons – it seems tempting to reverse brief this campaign, but I’m guessing there might be more than meets the eye.

McDonald's Advertising: Food Icons

Can a flat icon be mouth-watering?



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