the death of the slogan


I have to admit that I don’t really know. Most probably somebody else told me that a brand is supposed to have a slogan and I believed it at the time. Read more

Storytelling with Star Wars: PART 1


To illustrate the story-telling principles with a story is a common sense decision you would say. That might be true, but it only came to me after my colleague remarked that I should illustrate all the high-brow storytelling stuff with examples that everyone would understand. So my thinking was along the lines “let’s take the most archetypical story that most people would be familiar with or at least heard of.” And what would be a more fitting example than the Star Wars themselves. Read more

Storytelling trends: controlling the story

storytelling trends

Stories are not only about the content, but about form as well. Form can lend meaning to stories. The way of telling can revive even the old tropes or cliche. Looking at storytelling ideas across industries can give us a sense of what’s next to come or how the same principles can be applied elsewhere. Read more

Fundamentals of storytelling

I’ve been doing some browsing through the countless storytelling presentations on slideshare when it dawned on me that most of them really miss the essential understanding of what makes a story a story. So I tried to dig back to what I learned in narratology, semiotics and culture studies to try and boil it down to some simplified notions that shed light on how stories work. Read more

The Evolution of a Brand Guide

When we are talking about branding guides, the first thing that comes to mind is the horrid logo usage rule-books that tell you exactly how much white space you need to leave around the logo. That’s definitely helpful, most would argue, but surely not in the “branding” kind of way. These kinds of guides are sometimes supplemented by more progressive visual guidelines telling you that this kind of photo goes with that kind of font and with that kind of Instagram filter.

Read more

The old GE secret to great storytelling

After writing the post about “My mom’s motorcycle” I decided to revisit some old favorites of mine and to see made those commercials function as excellent stories. One of these oldies – GENERAL ELECTRIC’S advertising “Catch the Wind”. Read more

Elements of an authentic story

In advertising, the creative people are usually looking for trends and ways of telling stories outside the realm of advertising itself. For advertising field to stay alive, kicking and interesting, it has to constantly invigorate itself with new ideas, forms and content. Creatives tend to turn to other mediums for inspiration and this is why I have picked the short video format to answer a simple questions of what makes a story authentic. Read more


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