The cognitive dissonance of the week

Let me do a quick analytic breakdown:

1) a couple was shopping in Gediminas avenue, that we can take for granted

2) they met an Australian native practicing some boomerang throwing

3) the native decided to teach them some boomerang tricks in the middle of Gediminas avenue

4) that has something to do with money

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Fresh Finds in Alcohol

This time I have three oddities that might help me prove a few points. First of all, marginal brands seem to be playing with silent disruption by serving their audiences delighting little innovations in terms of taste, image and communication style. Secondly, these are the usually those brands where brand promise meets the product.

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I was having a little brake from the routine somewhere in IGNALINA region during which I came upon this little peculiar beer specimen. I friend of mine fetched a couple of these in the local shop – a brand that both me and him haven’t seen quite in a while. Read more

HANDS and FEET: new language of advertising

There was once, – ok, not so long ago, a tendency to show everyone in tv spots very up-close (and I’m referring to latest IKI commercials). This would bring the needed intimacy. But now this turned into something new. Want to be really personal, really close and really cozy – go for the hands and the feet. This technique takes it to an entirely next level: Read more


communication field and its problems never cease to amaze me - the truly brilliant thing is that there are no final answers. I don't understand anything, but I guess nobody does (there just a moderate degree of success in pretending that they do). If you have challenges, questions, topics, themes or projects - contact me and maybe we can crack them together. Andrius