Personalized creativity: pushing the limits in OOH advertising

Just recently I wrote about the possibilities of personalized content. You can find my original post here. It took me just one day to stumble upon more exciting examples (not just abstract ramblings) on how advertising content can be personalized. Here are three fresh and semi-fresh examples of personalization in out of home advertising. Read more

Programmatic creativity: some crazy thoughts on personalized content

My colleague Tomas showed me an interesting case published in Adage. It was about the personalized ads being served to users based on the type of predefined segment they belonged to.

My post is in direct reference to the case in Adage. The article subheadline that caught my attention went like this: “Brazilian Programmatic Creative Campaign Takes Customization To New Level”. If you haven’t seen the video clips, be sure to go through the Adage article before reading on. Read more

Corporate Storytelling with Alphabet

I know that right now everyone is cracking jokes about the introduction of Alphabet. And yes, I admit, it is a bit funny. But I think, that it would be a mistake not to look more closely at the event of this size – more specifically at the document that introduced it.

Let’s consider this a case of corporate storytelling and let’s slice the Larry Page’s letter to see how everything works here. Maybe we can learn something as we go. Read more

New rules of Marketing and Branding: d.brands vs t.brands

Only after working a long time on brand research data sets in IDEA GROUP, a very simple thing dawned on me – the traditional brands are  gradually being replaced by digital brands. The other thing – consumer priorities. It is as if consumers are expecting the same things from traditional brands (let’s take FMCG as a reference point) they would normally expect from digital brands like “Google” or “Microsoft” or just the app brand they use for chatting. So I tried this thought exercise and pushed dichotomy between the traditional and digital brands a bit further. Read more

Innovation in Lithuania

Innovation can take a really long time. Let’s think. It took almost 24 years for businesses in Lithuania to understand that taxi service has something to do with client service (huh, i wonder where did they get that idea from) and that processed cheese can be sold in resealable bags (i wonder how many years of research led to a realization that it gets stale if it is not in a sealed container) Read more

Radio listener typology based on what brands mean to them

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak on the radio. Since it was a show, where people are supposed to call and ask questions, we had a number of callers of whom the majority you might call a “radio demographic”. Read more

the death of the slogan


I have to admit that I don’t really know. Most probably somebody else told me that a brand is supposed to have a slogan and I believed it at the time. Read more

Making a business presentation: resource list

I won’t sugar-coat it: working on a good presentation takes loads of time. The good news is that the more you work on them, the more exciting stuff you can create in shorter periods. One of the things that could help you to have a more successful start is to know the resources that can help you and more importantly where to find them. Read more

Storytelling with Star Wars: PART 1


To illustrate the story-telling principles with a story is a common sense decision you would say. That might be true, but it only came to me after my colleague remarked that I should illustrate all the high-brow storytelling stuff with examples that everyone would understand. So my thinking was along the lines “let’s take the most archetypical story that most people would be familiar with or at least heard of.” And what would be a more fitting example than the Star Wars themselves. Read more

Storytelling trends: controlling the story

storytelling trends

Stories are not only about the content, but about form as well. Form can lend meaning to stories. The way of telling can revive even the old tropes or cliche. Looking at storytelling ideas across industries can give us a sense of what’s next to come or how the same principles can be applied elsewhere. Read more


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