New Year, new trends. Let’s take a look at what the trendwatching companies have brought to our doorstep. How likely are these trends to take-off from the ground? Same as always – 50% as in either they will or they’re won’t. Read more


This is the bi-monthly trend digest post. What are you going to get here is a trend overview on consumers, brands, communication and innovation. That’s a lot, but I was having trouble prioritizing any of the mentioned, so you will be getting all of it.

Have an insightful week! Read more


The brand and no-brand discussion has a long history, but most probably the most prominent point was the publishing of the NO LOGO book by Naomi Klein where she argued that over-branding leads to negative consequences, such as the invasion of public and cultural spaces and cultural values being driven or even created by sales motives.

That was a strong point, but the irony was not lost when the NO LOGO became “a sort of logo” for the anti-brand movement and the book with its ideas created something close to a brand. So I guess, this just proved the point that branding is an inevitably natural phenomenon. Read more

Product storytelling

Brand stories and product stories

We tend to think of storytelling as a concept that primarily resolves around the brand. We build stories around brands, around the brand missions that we have, around consumers that those brands are tailored for. But what we forget is that our products, innovations, sku’s and upgrades also (possibly) have stories behind them or stories that resolve around them. Read more


communication field and its problems never cease to amaze me - the truly brilliant thing is that there are no final answers. I don't understand anything, but I guess nobody does (there just a moderate degree of success in pretending that they do). If you have challenges, questions, topics, themes or projects - contact me and maybe we can crack them together. Andrius